Burger Queen

Recent research has shown that the gender pay gap has widened during 2020. The crisis caused by the effects of the pandemic has hit the labour market asymmetrically, affecting women the most. But that's not all. Domestic violence increased during the lockdown, so much so that the number of calls for help rose by 119%.

November 25, the #InternationalDayForTheEliminationOfViolenceAgainstWomen, is a day that has become a symbol for all the discrimination that women suffer. Every year on this day the web goes wild, but for such an important issue, being present on social media is no longer enough. A strong and clear position must be expressed.


On November 25tn, we decided to replace the Burger King name and logo on all official social media profiles in Italy with Burger Queen. This radical change attracted the attention of an entire community, spreading an unequivocal message: a true king will always support the right cause.



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