Spot tv "do your thing"

To launch the new international ING positioning: do your thing we built a creative strategy aimed at recovering ING’s appeal both on a branding and on a commercial level, focusing on 3 main KPIs spontaneous awareness, consideration, desirability and bringing out our role as an enabler both on emotional and functional level.
“So to say we are …” Because our target are people that knows how they want to live their life and they feel good when they’re able to do that.
And we want these people to live banking not as an hurdle but as an opportunity for their life.
That’s why ING has built a way of banking so frictionless that allows you to “do your thing”.
To show in the TVC people’s passion when they live the life they want, we decided not to focus just on what people do, but to turn the camera and show the emotions.
Because when someone does his thing, you can read it on his face!

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